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Welcome to high-impact strategic giving

Funders in Good is a faith-based, venture philanthropy fund

Funders In Good provides tailored financial and strategic support to social ventures to enhance their scale, sustainability and service offering, ultimately increasing their long-term impact.

Why we exist

Our funder proposition

Challenge 1

Funders lack the time and expertise to research and identify the people and ventures with the highest potential.

Challenge 2

Funders lack access to an organised network of like-minded individuals, and therefore miss out on the scale benefits from pooling money with others. 

Challenge 3

Funders have limited time and expertise to lead change at ventures and encourage higher levels of transparency.

Solution 1

Funders In Good combines extensive experience, networks and ongoing research to identify ventures with highest potential for impact. 

Solution 2

Funders In Good brings together a network of committed and engaged Funders. It pools funding together to make impactful investments. 

Solution 3

Funders In Good's scale and level of engagement with ventures means it can guide change at the highest level and ensure transparency through detailed reporting.

There are a fast-growing number of Muslim donors in the United Kingdom who seek to support charities working across the country on a strategic long-term basis.

By joining the Funders In Good network, funders gain access to a portfolio of vetted social ventures for which they can enable a package of funding and non-financial support.

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