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Venture Philanthropy

The Funders In Good Engine uses venture philanthropy to improve the scalability, sustainability and services of ventures, ultimately increasing their impact.  We call this the FIG Engine. 

FIG Impact Objectives

Our investment packages are tailored to improve the scalability, sustainability and services of our ventures, ultimately increasing their long-term impact. 

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Tailored Investment Package

We work closely with each social venture through a package of support combining three elements tailored to their needs.

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We provide long-term (minimum three years) funding to our ventures in the form of grants.  The funding also releases the venture team to focus on building capacity.

We take a social impact return-only approach to our investments, so no financial return is expected. 

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Organisational Support

We provide non-financial organisational support in areas such as strategic planning, marketing and communications, executive coaching, human resources advice etc. We also facilitate access to other networks and potential funding sources.
The primary provider of this support is the FIG Network, however we also work with a pool of professionals who provide support on a consultancy or volunteer basis. 


Impact Measurement

We support ventures to develop effective impact management systems. This is to support us to measure the impact of our investment and for the venture to track the difference it makes against its impact objectives.  Measuring impact is also critical to reporting to key stakeholders including funders,  boards, prospective donors, partners and the general public.

Empowering Social Ventures

Our venture proposition

Challenge 1

Many small and medium Muslim community charities are reliant on volunteer staff with high turnover. They do not have the financial visibility to take on staff in key roles. 

Challenge 2

Due to limited visibility in funding, ventures lack the bandwidth to plan strategically for the long-term, and instead focus on short-term “fire fighting” activities. 

Challenge 3

Ventures lack access to funds and specialist support resulting in sub-par governance, financial planning and strategy development.

Solution 1

The scale and visibility of funding from Funders In Good provides ventures with the confidence and bandwidth to take on paid staff. 

Solution 2

Funders In Good provides long-term funding and support with strategy development to enable ventures to think long-term about strategy, sustainability and scale of impact.

Solution 3

Funders In Good complements funding with strategic support and advice to support ventures to improve governance and efficiency. 

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