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Our Investment Process

Our investment process aims to find the highest-potential ventures which have the best-fit for our venture philanthropy approach


Desk research on various public databases of social ventures operating in the UK. 

Community engagement and networking. 

Knowledge exchange with other partners.

Initial Screening

We filter prospects using the following criteria:

  • Minimum operating history of five years

  • Minimum annual income of £100,000

  • Registered charity



We identify and maintain a list of high-potential prospects on alignment to our vision and best-fit with our venture philanthropy approach.


Invitation to Apply

We invite top social ventures apply for investment to gather key information including:

  • Income Generation

  • Operating Model

  • Team and Leadership

  • Impact Measurement


Venture Healthcheck

We carry out an in-depth assessment of 12 key functions of the ventures to identify gaps and opportunities which inform our investment package.

Venture Portfolio

Our investment panel selects the best ventures to be added to our portfolio. 

We tailor and deliver the investment package, and meet our ventures regularly to support and monitor progress against agreed goals. 




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